Contract of Bengal Kitten Purchase

Breed: Bengal

Colour: Brown Spotted Tabby

Sex: Male/Female

Birthdate: ____________________________________[month, day, year]

Name: Junglebeauty ___________________________[name of kitten]

Date of Sale: __________________________________[month, day, year]

Purchase Amount: CAD 2600 - 3000


Personal Information

Name of Seller (print): _________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________ E-mail: junglebeautybengals@gmail.com

Name of Purchaser (print): _______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Purchaser certifies that this information is true and accurate. Signature_________________________

The purpose of this contract is to protect all parties: the Purchaser, the Seller, and the Kitten. If there are any problems, questions, concerns, or issues that you need help with, we are always here. We want the adoptive parent(s) and/or family to be completely happy with the new Kitten and his or her transition to the new home. Transitioning is easy for some Kittens but more difficult for others, and Kittens handle stress in various ways. If there are ANY issues please call or email us.

Terms of Contract

Seller guarantees that the Kitten listed above is purebred, from the TICA registered litter and it is eligible for registration in The International Cat Association. TICA registration form (TICA Breeder slip with BSN and Litter Number) will be available for Purchaser upon receipt of full purchase price and proof of neuter/spay. If participating in the show the full registered name must be used (the full name must include the cattery name). Seller cannot guarantee there will be no changes of color, contrast, pattern, eye color, features or size of the Kitten.

Health Guarantee

The Seller will provide Purchaser with documented vaccinations, deworming, and veterinarian records. The Seller guarantees the Kitten to be in good health at the time of purchase for a period of 72 hours. It will be the responsibility of the Purchaser to have the Kitten examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours. Within that 72 hours period, if found to be seriously medically deficient, the Seller will take the Kitten back and refund payment, less the deposit, under the following conditions: the Seller is provided with proper documentation, from a licensed veterinarian, stating the medical issue and that the Kitten is seriously medically deficient; a second examination by a veterinarian of the Seller’s choice confirms these claims. This Kitten is not guaranteed against respiratory disease, fleas, ringworms or any nuisance disease, environmental stress (such as diarrhea etc.) and disease caused by dietary changes. After the 72 hours period, the Seller can no longer guarantee the Kitten’s health, except for birth defects. The Seller guarantees the Kitten against lethal genetic or congenital defects for 24 months following the date of purchase. If, during these 24 months, the Kitten should die or have to be destroyed due to a genetic or congenital defect, the Seller will replace the Kitten with a Kitten at the Seller’s earliest convenience, should the following conditions be met: the Purchaser provides the Seller with a necropsy by a licensed impartial Veterinary Pathologist, at the Purchaser’s expense, stating that the cause of death is unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect; a second examination by a veterinarian of the Seller’s choice confirms these claims. Seller assumes no liability or responsibility for any veterinary care for this Kitten after the Purchaser takes possession of said Kitten. Under no circumstances will the Seller be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the Purchaser. Kitten parents are FeLV and FIV tested negative, however due the very controversial information on Internet and ongoing research about FeLV and FIV we cannot guarantee this kitten to be free from this viruses (1-4 %of cats affected). Please see additional information about immune system support at the end of this contract. This Kitten is not guaranteed to be free from Feline Enteric Corona Virus (FeCV). FeCV can, on rare occasion mutate and cause fatal disease FIP. The effectiveness of FIP vaccine is still controversial. There is no guarantee for Kittens when tested for Coronavirus as the test is not specific for a single Coronavirus. Therefore, this entire health guarantee is null and void is if the Purchaser uses the FIP vaccine, as FIP may be potentiated by such. Seller is not responsible for Pyometra in the Kitten should that occur. Purchaser understands and agrees that certain conditions such as coccidiosis and upper respiratory illness can arise due to stress from change and other pets in purchaser’s home and are not the part of health guarantee. Cosmetic or any non-life threatening defects are not covered. Trauma, abuse or neglect of this Bengal Kitten after adoption date will void the Seller’s guarantee.

Spay/Neuter Agreement

This Kitten is being sold with no breeding rights and on a spay/neuter agreement. The Purchaser agrees that the Kitten will be spayed/neutered by the time the Kitten reaches six months of age, at Purchaser’s expense. Within four months of receiving the Kitten, Purchaser will provide the Seller with documentation (veterinary bill), that the Kitten has been sterilized. If the Kitten is not spayed/neutered by six months of age and/or proof of sterilization is not provided, Seller will enforce breach of contract for the maximum dollar amount equal to price of this kitten with breeding rights (CAD 4000). TICA Registration Paper will be provided to the Purchaser within the 5 business days after the proof of the Kitten neutering has been provided.

Purchaser’s Veterinary Information

The Purchaser must provide the name and contact information of the Kitten’s new veterinarian upon the Seller’s request. The Purchaser agrees that the Seller will be able to discuss freely the Kitten health information, sterilization status, and well being with the Purchaser’s veterinarian; due to privacy matters, the Purchaser agrees to notify his or her veterinarian as to this agreement. Name of Veterinarian: _________________________________________________________ Name of Veterinary Practice: _________________________________________________________ Address of Practice/Veterinarian: _____________________________________________________ Phone number of Practice/Veterinarian: ________________________________________________

Treatment of Kitten

It is a responsibility of the Purchaser to provide the Kitten with quality food and to make fresh water available at any times. This Kitten is not to have any contact with any other animals in the household until examined by veterinarian. The new Kitten should be confined within one or two weeks to a private room with toys, food, the Kitten’s litter box, and plenty of human contact until accustomed to his/her new surroundings. Please be careful that his\her diet is not changed drastically. The Purchaser agrees to maintain the proper veterinary care for the Kitten, including all yearly check-ups and vaccination, as well as provide proper grooming to keep the kitten happy, matt free, and clean. Under NO circumstances shall this Kitten be de-clawed. Declawing is amputation and is often the cause of litter box problems (“inappropriate elimination”). This can lead to abuse or abandonment of the Kitten, a risk that the Seller is not willing take. The Purchaser agrees to, under no circumstances, allow the Kitten to be declawed. Under NO circumstances shall this Kitten be permitted to live outdoors. Under NO circumstances shall this Kitten be tattooed, pierced, or undergo any unnecessary "fashionable" body modification. This Kitten will NEVER be malnourished, neglected, mistreated, mishandled, or abused in anyway. In the event that there is any evidence of any of the above , the kitten will be immediately returned to the Seller with no refund or compensation of any kind.

Relinquishment of Ownership of Kitten or Permanent Transfer of Kitten by Purchaser

The Purchaser agrees that under NO circumstances will the Kitten EVER be sold or given to a pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility. Should the Purchaser, for any reason, including death, not be able to keep the above Kitten, the Seller will be given the first option of rescuing the Kitten. If the Purchaser decides that he or she no longer wants the Kitten, regardless how many years have passed since purchase of the Kitten, the Seller will be given the first option of rescuing the Kitten.

Breach of Contract

In the event the Purchaser is found to have violated any of the terms and conditions of this contract, the Kitten is to be surrendered unconditionally to the Seller. Seller may reclaim physical and legal ownership of Kitten with or without due process of law for any breach of contract with no refund of purchase price. In the event the Purchaser is found to have violated any of the terms of this contract, Purchaser shall be liable to the Seller for damages. Purchaser may be fined $500 up to $2000 per breach each and every time the breach occurs. Purchaser is responsible for any and all costs resulting from the litigation of this Contract, the amount of purchase of Kitten, shipping expenses, associated veterinary expenses, and any damages caused to the reputation of Seller. Any legal action, which may arise under the terms of this contract, will be brought in the county/city of Seller’s residence. All medical records along with TICA papers will be transferred back to the Seller immediately if Kitten is returned to the Seller for any reason.


There are no other conditions or guarantees, verbal or implied. No verbal deviations or additions are valid. No other warranties or guarantees are provided other than those specifically outlined in this Contract. All prior agreements, representations and warranties, express or implied, oral or written, with respect to the subject matter hereof, are hereby superseded by this contract.


In the event any provision of this contract is deemed to be void, invalid, or unenforceable, that provision shall be severed from the remainder of this contract so as not to cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of this contract. All remaining provisions of this contract shall then continue in full force and effect. If any provision shall be deemed invalid due to its scope or breadth, such provision shall be deemed valid to the extent of the scope and breadth permitted by law.


Except as otherwise provided in this document, this agreement may be modified, superseded, or voided only upon the written and signed agreement of the Purchaser and Seller. Further, the physical destruction or loss of this document shall not be construed as a modification or termination of the agreement contained herein.

Method of Payment

Payment for the Kitten must be provided in the form of cash, certified check, e-transfer or money order. The payment shall be made in Canadian currency. The Purchaser will pay all travel and shipping expenses. Should the Seller agree to help transfer the Kitten in person, any mileage will be at the expense of the Purchaser.

Acknowledgement of Deposit and Purchase Amount Paid and Acceptance of Contract

Purchaser and Seller signatures that appear immediately below indicate that the Seller has received the deposit in the amount CAD 400 and the rest of Purchase Amount CAD __________. Purchaser has agreed to the terms of this contract. This document is a legally binding Contract. In signing this document the Purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read, fully understands, and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above.

Transfer of Ownership of Kitten

You are adopting a quality Bengal companion, who when properly cared for, should provide you with many years of devoted love, affection and enjoyment. You agree to give this Bengal companion a life commitment of love, appreciation, respect and responsible care.

Purchaser and Seller signatures that appear immediately below indicate that the Kitten has been sold and is now the property of the Purchaser.

Name of Seller (print): _____________________________________________________

Seller signature: _______________________________Date: _________________________

Name of Purchaser (print): ______________________________________________________________

Purchaser signature: _________________________________Date: ______________________